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Table of Contents - November 12, 2019

Utilities, IAFC Urge FCC to Protect 6 GHz Band Incumbents

Utilities and other critical infrastructure users of the 6 gigahertz band have urged the FCC to protect incumbents from interference from unlicensed devices.

"The undersigned parties represent a broad cross-section of public safety providers and critical-infrastructure industries (CII) that use the 6 GHz band for mission-critical communications throughout the nation. This diverse group of organizations all share a common interest in preserving and protecting the 6 GHz band against interference to provide safe, secure, and reliable essential services to the public at large. Therefore, we join together in opposition to the Federal Communications Commission's (Commission) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band," the entities said in a filing Friday in ET docket 18-295 and GN docket 17-183. "Given the significant risk that the proposed unlicensed operations could have on mission-critical networks that are used to protect the safety of life, health and property, and provide essential services to individuals, businesses, governments and others across the nation, unlicensed operations should only be permitted in the 6 GHz band if the Commission adopts more stringent interference protections for co-channel and adjacent channel microwave systems, including proven technology to mitigate the risk of interference by prior coordination of unlicensed operations, as discussed below.

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